One Wish


The first half of the album is mostly vocals and the end mostly instrumental. Vocal verses were all taken as one take. The lengthy instrumentals were also taken as one take without any quantizing or loops. Equanim (Steve Boyd) =pianist/producer/vocals Piano player since the age of 4, music producer for 25 years, mc for 20 years, b-boy/dancer for 15 years, putting out a full length album full of friends, good times and life experiences. This is the first time producer Equanim has allowed himself to dive deep into ripping mc delivery, melodic harmonies, and touching moments in his life. The album is overflowing with stellar Winnipeg production by Equanim and includes guest production from Jamil the DJ, Whatsupnet, Hotel Rooms, and DJ Kutdown. It is also featuring good friends listed in the track names for intros, as well as the legendary Ghunzmoc (aka Bobby Lee/Seun) and up and coming talents Sir Louie and CJ The Grey. The album begins and ends with lengthy instrumentation that was a result of layering live jams directly from a digital piano. For the instrumentals there is no quantizing/ looping/ or editing other than taking out parts of the tracks, nothing was arranged differently so they are essentially freestyled keyboard tracks. The outro is also a piano freestyle. The vocal part of album is a sequel to Equanim's "Beats and Flows" album, and the instrumentals are follow up to "Instrumental Language" and Modern Music". This is the first release that combines both musical sides of Steve Boyd's musical personality.

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